What's this all about?

PlayAlong is a playful experiment with the goal of raising money for childhood education around the world. Collaborative Fund creates side projects from time to time, and this is our latest. We set out to build something fun, work with partners we respect and admire, and engage a broader audience with philanthropy.

Who’s behind all the fun?

Collaborative Fund and Sesame Workshop teamed up to create this game. Each time you answer correctly, Collaborative Fund will donate 1¢ to Sesame Workshop on your behalf. We originally started with a pledge of $1,000 of our own dollars to see how this experiment spreads, with the hope of bringing on additional players down the road.

After meeting that goal, MailChimp has come in to match our initial pledge for an additional $1,000. This is just the beginning. The more you play, the more we can give!

Why raise money for Sesame Workshop?

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind and so much more. The organization heads up several initiatives to benefit early childhood education worldwide, including projects that bring critical lessons in literacy, emotional wellbeing, health, and respect to children in more than 150 countries.

What can I do to help?

Play! Learn! We pledge to donate 1¢ each time you answer correctly - 100% of which we will give to Sesame Workshop and its efforts to improve childhood literacy and education. The more you play, the more you give. Not a bad deal, eh?

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